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Facilities Staffed


Healthcare Staff

We can help staff your facilities with:

Registered Nurses

Registered Practical Nurses

Personal Support Workers (ON) & Health Care Aides (BC)

Dietary Aids

Care Support Assistants (ON) & Health Care Aides (BC)

Housekeeping Aides

Laundry Aides

Maintenance & Handy Person

Concierge Staff

Front Door Screening

Nursing Schedulers & Coordinators

Administrative Staff

Long Term Care (LTC) & Retirement Residence Staffing

Throw a pandemic in the mix and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm in the healthcare industry. Staffing your care communities and retirement homes should not be an ongoing challenge. We’ll help you place the right people when you need them and wherever you need them.

At HeadHunting, we understand the unique challenges this industry faces allowing us to offer the best solution for your unique staffing problem. Our staffing solutions are more than just advertising on job boards and filling a position; We solve your unique business problem with a focus on creating operational efficiencies through: 

Quick-Turnarounds for tackling unexpected workforce shortages

Reduction in administrative workload

Reduction in Agency fees

Consistency in Quality of Care with a known Talent Pool

Talent Retention through Income Security among care providers.

Logistical planning for remote area placements.

Hospital Staffing

The healthcare sector is constantly in a state of flux as it responds to changes in demographics, workforce shortages and unforeseen pandemic outbreaks. Our on-trend and on-point talent attraction techniques allow us to be agile and flexible to anticipate and respond to gaps in your workforce within a matter of hours.  


We pride ourselves on providing innovative staffing solutions that are responsive and uphold your hiring standards. We specialize in covering your urgent staffing needs through our dedicated talent pool that is engaged and rewarded for their commitment to providing quality care. 

At-Home Care Providers

Love. Family. Home.

These words hold value and a personal connection, especially for the most valued people in our lives that require special attention and dedicated care without leaving the familiarity and comfort of their home.


We remove the guesswork from investigating the appropriate home care service and provider to get the support you or your loved ones need. Through our dedicated pool of compassionate care providers, we offer home care services that are versatile, flexible, and customized for your or your loved ones’ comfort, peace of mind, and well-being. These include:

Companionship and Homemaking

Safety, supervision, nutritious meal prep, and a clean home.

Physical Support

Post-surgical, transfers, bedbound care, and ambulation.

Nursing & Therapy

Wound care, hospital discharge care, medication and more.

Hygiene & Personal Care

Dressing, bathing, oral care, bathroom support, meal support.

Errands & Transportation

Outings, appointments, shopping, and social engagements .

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Specially trained Caregivers for your loved one.

Specialized Care

Diabetes, palliative, arthritis, cancer, car accident, disability, palliative and more.

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