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Finding the Best Jobs for the Brightest and Most Dedicated Caregivers in North America for Over 20 Years

You need our expertise. Our cross-industry staffing strategies and extensive client database enable us to form successful partnerships between healthcare organizations and highly qualified talent. Our cross-industry staffing strategies and extensive client database enable us to form successful partnerships between healthcare organizations and highly qualified talent.


We’ve been doing this for more than two decades. Using on-trend job placement strategies, we attract people like you — the best and brightest professionals in healthcare — and we match you with the right career opportunities. And we do it the first time around.

Expect More From Your Healthcare Career

We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to your job search. With HeadHunting, Inc., you have full control over who sees your resume, and we can connect you with opportunities that haven’t been publicized.


But we do more than that. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we contribute to your pension plan, employment insurance, and workplace safety insurance.


We regard our job candidates as our employees, and we regard our employees as family. From resume consulting and securing assignments to planning logistics for work in remote areas and holding employers accountable, HeadHunting, Inc. does a lot more than fill vacancies. We do whatever is necessary to ensure a perfect match for your personality, lifestyle, and skills.

Who We Hire

We're always hiring healthcare providers and caregivers. Here are some of the positions we are typically trying to fill.

  • Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)

  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

  • Dietary Aides & Cooks

  • Concierge Staff

  • Personal Support Workers (PSW)

  • Health Care Aides

  • Housekeeping Aides

  • Retirement Residence Managers

  • Care Support Assistants

Our Hiring Process

When you contact our recruitment team, we will ask for your resume and any relevant certifications, such as a PSW certificate or a nursing diploma. We’re known for our quick turnaround times. So if there’s an opening that we believe you’d be perfect for, we’ll place you as quickly as possible.

We handle almost all aspects of onboarding:

What to Expect Once We Have Placed You

The benefits of working with HeadHunting, Inc. don’t stop after we have placed you. We offer you six-month contracts and unlimited extensions based on performance. We also offer workplace safety insurance and other benefits, including vacation pay.


To help you thrive in your career, we offer regular learning and development opportunities. Our team is always here to listen to your feedback, ensure your satisfaction with your new job, and line up your next assignment before the current one ends. We’ll make sure that the employer abides by any agreed-upon minimum number of hours or shifts and provides two weeks’ notice for any early termination that proves necessary.

Let Our Staffing Agency Find the Perfect Healthcare Job for You

Want a flexible position in a pleasant, high-energy workplace? Want to make a difference by applying your skills and experience to a fulfilling job? We can help you succeed by connecting you with a job you’ll love — an opportunity that is ideal for you. This is what we do best.


Get started by taking a look at the positions we’re currently trying to fill and sending us your resume at Or give us a call at (647) 689-7520.


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