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We Provide Healthcare Staffing Solutions Throughout Canada and the U.S.

Who We Are and What We Do

If your company is seeking hard-to-find healthcare talent, we can help.

For over two decades, we have been finding, placing, and helping retain hard-to-find talent, matching professionals with the right career opportunities. Thanks to our far-reaching cross-industry staffing strategies and our extensive and confidential talent database, our team has access to the best of the best.

Headed by innovative talent hunter Amit Hinduja, HeadHunting, Inc. applies specialized industry experience and cutting-edge strategies for attracting talent to provide fast turnaround and robust staffing solutions.


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Why You Should Hire HeadHunting, Inc.

Candidates in high demand are hard to find and even harder to hire; they don’t necessarily apply for a job directly or even actively look for one. With due diligence and transparency, we do all the searching and vetting for you. And because we treat our job seekers as employees, we have very high retention and referral rates.

We don’t just fill vacancies
Other staffing agencies simply bring you a candidate that fulfills the basic requirements of a position. Our own approach is highly customized. We listen to you and learn your exact needs. Then we find the perfect fit.

We provide fast turnaround
With our specialized industry knowledge and vast pool of immediately accessible talent, we match your organization with exactly the right candidate. And we do it quickly. In fact, we usually fill high-demand positions in the healthcare industry within 24 hours — on average, within four hours.

We understand your unique staffing needs
Especially in the healthcare industry, staffing minimums must be maintained, often on short notice because of short-term absences or unexpected terminations. We understand the circumstances, and we will find someone for you for as long as required.

We operate with integrity
No recruiting company should take advantage of an organization’s urgent need to fill high-demand positions quickly. Regardless of circumstances and timelines, we don’t increase our markup.

We conduct due diligence for you
We maintain your high standards. Let us do the vetting, including contacting the candidate’s references, that is required to find you a star. Delegating these tasks to us enables you to save time and to reduce your administrative workload.

We do all the onboarding for you
We prepare all of our candidates before they arrive for their first shift. The jobs we fill are often done in busy and high-energy environments. So we discuss expectations with the candidate, provide codes of conduct and other pertinent information, and offer interactive feedback check-ins to ensure that our talent is satisfied and that you are satisfied.

We offer competitive rates and logistical planning
Our very reasonable rates cover a range of services. For example, to place a client in a remote location, we find and negotiate with hotels, arrange for transportation, and make sure that the candidate has everything that is necessary to complete the assignment. All invoiced at cost. No markups here.

Let Our Staffing Agency Find the Perfect Healthcare Talent

We know the market, we know your competitors, and we conduct in-depth research and rigorous screening to find the top performers you need.

We can help you find the best resident care possible. Contact us to get started, or give us a call at (647) 689-7520.

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