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With over twenty years of specialized recruiting experience, our team offers headhunting services throughout Canada and the United States.

Thanks to our proven and innovative methods, we find and deliver game-changing talent that perfectly meets your business needs. We don’t just fill vacancies. We provide the right fit, the first time.

How Our Staffing Agency Delivers Hard-to-Find Talent

Our recruitment expertise enables us to find talent that no one else can. We maintain comprehensive information on professionals who are not actively searching for a new job at the moment but who would be receptive to the right offer. We know who they are, where they are, and what it would take to attract them to your organization.

How do we find and deliver high-quality candidates?

  • Internet sourcing

    Over the years, we have streamlined our recruiting practices to achieve maximum efficiency and to guarantee success. Internet sourcing enables us to build an extensive pool of highly skilled candidates who can fill high-demand positions. To discover hidden talent on the internet, we scour social networks, blog comments, online databases, and other resources.

  • Social networking

    Job seekers rely heavily on social networks for their next major assignment, so we get in touch with them where they are. But we also visit them there when they're not actively seeking job opportunities. Our team is active on these networks so that we can present them with an offer that will get them listening.

  • Lateral Hiring

    Using upselling techniques that appeal to their motivations, we connect with experts in your field who can lead your business and help it grow. Our employment contracts are airtight, and we conduct due diligence so that you don't have to.

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Crisis Management Staffing

Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting

We use on-trend, targeted recruitment strategies developed and honed over decades to attract the best, brightest, and most passionate talent for the healthcare industry. We have placed hundreds of caregivers in long-term care communities and retirement residences and provided staffing solutions for some of the largest hospitals in North America. HeadHunting, Inc. is a one-stop shop for your healthcare staffing needs, including:

Technology and IT Recruiting

We’ve placed candidates in technology companies across North America, and often cross-hire across industries and subindustries, especially in the field of technology. We cast a wide net to different types of companies to find just the right talent and personality that your business requires. One of our specialties is supplying cybersecurity professionals who are skilled at penetration testing, testing in-place security systems, and conducting vulnerability assessments. We can help you find the brightest brains in the IT field, including: